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Garrett Pelto me

Hello sports fans, I am your wannabe Yinzer writer from Northern Virginia. For those of you that don’t speak North West Pennsylvania dialect, I am a big Pittsburgh sports fan that grew up in Virginia. Expect some biased Burgh articles from me, you all deserve it. My true sports love lies with football, but keep an eye out for my articles on basketball, baseball, UFC and more.




keithsdumbface.jpgKeith McDonald

A Washington homer and overly opinionated. Raised in Loudoun County, located just outside of DC, I’ve rooted for anything with Washington on the jersey since I was born. I hate the Cowboys, Newports and when it’s only baseball season.






Hey everyone, I am from Allentown, PA, which is about an hour north of Philadelphia. I am a huge football, baseball, basketball and hockey fan.  My teams are the Eagles, Phillies, Thunder and Penguins for hockey.  Before you call me a bandwagoner for being a Thunder fan, I followed both Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant throughout college.  So, it just made sense for me to root for the Thunder from there forward, once both were drafted to the Thunder.  I look forward to seeing what you guys think about my takes on everything NFL, NBA, MLB and possibly NHL.


Spencer Nixon

For as long as I can remember I have only known winning thanks to being a fan of the greatest city on Earth. Deflategate was a sting operation. Peyton Manning used HGH. LeBron is not a top five player of all time. The Yankees are the worst thing to happen to sports and the world revolves around Tom Brady.




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